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Campus Pastor - Definition en Español


Provide strategic guidance, leadership development, and assistance in the ministry areas of groups, prayer, and campus serve opportunities at the assigned campus. Preach most weeks utilizing the notes and resources provided by Central Staff.


  • Lead and work with a volunteer leadership team to manage all essential functions of the assigned campus.
  • Preach 3-4 times per month (notes and sermon resources will be provided most weeks – occasionally you may be asked to write/produce content for the sermon yourself).
  • Oversee Groups at assigned campus including, but not limited to:
  • ~Group recruitment, leadership development and training
  • ~Group registrations, attendance, and other database requirements
  • ~Development of leadership and groups in the following areas: Freedom, Mentor, Community, and Intensives.
  • Lead Prayer teams and opportunities at assigned campus including, but not limited to:
  • ~21 Days of Prayer
  • ~Altar and intercessory prayer teams.
  • Lead Serve Teams for the assigned campus including:
  • ~Guest Services
  • ~Kids
  • ~Worship/Production
  • Assist w/ Freedom Conference twice per year when applicable.
  • Facilitate/Teach curriculums and intensives specific to the campus including, but not limited to:
  • ~SYMBIS (Pre-Marital and Marriage Curriculum)
  • ~Alpha/Starting Point (Curriculum for those new in their faith or w/ questions)
  • ~MoneyLife (Financial Stewardship Curriculum)
  • ~Parenting Through the Phases (Parenting Curriculum)
  • ~Crecer (Assimilation Process)
  • Be prepared to write content for, teach at, or assist at certain campus events including, but not limited to:
  • ~21 Days of Prayer
  • ~Child Dedication
  • ~Baptism
  • ~Serve First
  • Assist with campus serve opportunities at assigned campus including, but not limited to;
  • ~Partnership with local school (campus specific)
  • ~Community Serve Opportunities (campus specific)
  • ~Serve First
  • ~Back-Pack Drive
  • ~Christmas Drive
  • ~Food Drive


  • 1+ year attendance at Definition Church or ARC Church preferred
  • 3+ year serving on a serve team in a position of leadership
  • 3+ year leading small groups
  • Completed Freedom small group preferred
  • Speaking/Teaching experience (from 10-200 people)


  • Four Year Bachelor’s degree is preferred
  • Additional ministry or seminary training is ideal
  • Completion of Cultivate Leadership Institute or Highlands College is preferred

If some of the above are not met, you may be asked to complete them upon acceptance of the role.


The Campus Pastor is expected to work approximately fifty hours per week. Forty hours for job functions and ten hours for Sunday morning services and leading groups/serve events.


  • Fluent in both Spanish and English
  • Understanding of and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Vibrant and growing personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Competency in both interpersonal and group communication.
  • Ability to create a team atmosphere.
  • Ability to motivate and recruit leaders of all ages who appropriately fit the church’s purposes and goals for the specific ministry.
  • Ability to empower leaders to build teams and develop emerging leaders.
  • Passion for seeing people drawn closer to God through the small groups, outreach and prayer.
  • Sensitivity for following the leadership of the Holy Spirit in conversation and leadership decisions.
  • Able to take constructive criticism from staff and be willing to make needed changes.
  • Ability to graciously confront both individuals and leaders if they need correction.
  • A listening ear and a thick skin to respond appropriately to critical comments about their ministry.
  • Gifts of creative leadership, shepherding and administration.
  • A teachable spirit and a passion to learn.


Decisions and independent judgment are significant and have a major impact on the viability of the ministry. Self-management and self-starting action are required, although intended action may be checked through consultation with the Executive and Campus Pastors.


This position will manage volunteer personnel within the assigned area of ministry, both formally and informally, with the permission and oversight of the Executive Pastors.


Excellent interpersonal skills are needed, with the ability to interact effectively with volunteers and personnel at all levels and with all levels of technical knowledge and understanding. Professional demeanor is required at all times, including the ability to remain calm under pressure.  Ability to work across the various teams in the assigned campus is essential.


Some actions are considered independent, and subjective in nature. Most decisions should be guided by personal discretion, with consultation of the Executive Pastor throughout the week.


Demands of the position are primarily mental; however, individual must be comfortable sitting for long periods of time and traveling 5 – 10% of the time.

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