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Daycare Director


To facilitate and oversee all operational functions of Little Ones Children's Center with a variety of daily administrative tasks, team development, and strategic organization in alignment with the mission of Little Ones in order to enhance the reach of the childcare ministry.


  • Work to personally model a culture that reflects Little Ones' core values
  • Serve as first point of contact of Little Ones Children's Center, for parents, daycare staff members, Board of Directors, Definition Church and others, answering phones and meeting public as needed
  • Manage, mentor and support staff members such as recruit, hire, train, schedule and evaluate primary and supplemental staff, including volunteers, substitutes, teachers, and administrative staff.  
  • Enroll new children into the school by communicating with parents, checking class availability, creating family profiles on Hi Mama, adding children to our schedule and communicating with teachers.  
  • Determined allocations of funds for supplies, materials and equipment; authorized purchases; recording employees hours and calculating staff payroll; send out child tuition bills and attending finance meetings. 
  • Oversee social media pages, send out monthly newsletter, update website, brainstorm other marketing avenues. 
  • Monitor student progress and provide students and teachers with assistance in resolving any problems.
  • Set educational standards and goals and helped establish policies, procedures and programs. Conferred with parents and staff to discuss educational activities and policies and students' behavioral or learning problems.
  • Collaborated with teachers to develop and maintain curriculum standards, develop mission statements and set performance goals and objectives.
  • Keep up-to-date with all legal and licensing requirements for childcare programs including insurance coverage, handling any legal issue when necessary, up hold center policies as outlined In our handbooks.  
  • Review and evaluate new and current programs to determine efficiency, effectiveness and compliance with state, local and federal licensing regulations and requirements; and recommended necessary modifications.
  • Coordinated and directed extracurricular activities and programs, such as after-school events, parent events, field trips, summer camp, staff morale/encouragement events, and fundraisers.
  • Lead our monthly leaders meeting, monthly all staff meetings, quarterly board meetings, quarterly staff evaluations and annual training days.


  • Early Childhood Education or Four-year bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required
  • First Aid and CPR certification (within 6 months of employment) 


  • 1+ year attendance engaged in the life of Definition Church or a similar church
  • 1+ year serving in a position of leadership
  • Completed Freedom group or willingness to complete a Freedom group


  • Current knowledge of all legal and licensing requirements and regulations for childcare programs. 
  • Knowledge of and ability to determine the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of children. 
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office and all G-Suite apps
  • Ability to create and manage digital communication on various platforms
  • Basic understanding of accounting methods
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Organized and an eye for detail
  • Effective interpersonal skills, exhibited in a professional manner 
  • Ability to manage and support team members 


  • Must pass a background check
  • Vibrant and growing personal relationship with Jesus
  • Possess great integrity and quality of character
  • Teachable and humble, with a willingness to ask for help when needed
  • Fun and enjoyable attitude
  • Willingness to be challenged and to learn new skills and techniques
  • Self-motivated and directed, with the ability to excel without supervision
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced, high-capacity environment
  • Ability to take constructive criticism from staff and be willing to make needed changes
  • Personal commitment to professionalism, credibility, excellence, and innovation
  • Demonstrate a strong ability to execute consistently and think strategically 
  • Able to handle the stress and tension that contact with many children and parents brings every day. Being temporal and patient
  • Able to embrace teamwork and strive for excellence; and enjoys people and children
  • Able to be respectful and supportive of families at all levels
  • Able to communicate openly and productively as the appropriate time
  • Able to represent the daycare in a professional manner within the facility and community


This Director position is a full-time and work hours should be around 40 hours per week; additional hours outside of the typical work day hours may be required for events and meetings. 


Decisions and independent judgment are significant and have a major impact on the viability of the daycare. Self-management and self-starting action are required, although intended action should be regularly reported to the President of the Board of Directors and/or the Definition Executive Team Representative.


This position will manage all daycare personnel including lead teachers, assistant teachers, substitutes and volunteers. 


Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to interact effectively with children, parents, vendors, and personnel at all levels and with all levels knowledge and understanding. Professional demeanor is required at all times, including the ability to remain calm under pressure and address any Issues or conflict that arises, in the moment. 


Most actions will primarily be taken on an independent basis. At times task may be requested by the Board of Directors and/or Definition Church based upon the rental agreement. 


Demands of the position are primarily mental; however, individual must be physically able to perform the essential functions of caring for children as listed below. 

  • Able to observe, see, hear and respond to children’s needs, emergencies and conflicts that might occur in a classroom, on the playground, in bathrooms and common areas
  • Able to lift 30 pounds from the floor to a waist-high table 10-15 times daily
  • Able to reach a child 20-30 feet away within 30 seconds without danger
  • Able to sit on the floor and crouch to a child’s height, maintain eye-contact with a child
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