21 Days

January 9th-30th

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What is 21 Days?

Twice a year, we take twenty-one days to draw closer to God together in prayer. This is a time for renewing our commitment to the Lord, deepening our connection to Jesus, purifying our hearts, and asking God for revival in our hearts and our communities. We do this individually through more intentional investments in our spiritual practices, and corporately through shared focus and direction in prayer and scripture.

21 Days of Prayer is one of the most important things we do as a church. As we come together for a season of focused surrender and unified pursuit toward God, we are  collectively able to encourage each other, challenge each other, and live with more awareness of God’s presence and power!

Young woman reading bible in city

How to Participate

Download the Definition Church app. This is the primary way to participate in 21 Days, which will be easily accessible on the home screen starting January 9.
Watch the daily video.
Each day, we will provide a video to help read through God’s Word together.
Read scripture with us.
The daily videos will be following the New Testament portion of the One Year Bible reading plan. You can follow along in your own Bible, or you can order a One Year Bible here.
Study what you read.
Every day, we will provide context for what we’ve read, so that you can better understand what we are reading.
Engage with God.
Each day will also feature some questions that you can pray or journal though to help you learn how to apply the Bible to your life.
Dig deeper.
We will also provide you with related resources, both within and outside our app, so that you are able to pursue God in a variety of ways.
Join us for corporate prayer.
Every morning, from 6:30-7:00am, we will be streaming prayer through our online campus, so that you are able to connect with each other, see what a daily prayer looks like, and join us in seeking God.

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