Church is for the whole family.

We want kids in a community that loves God and makes them feel safe, loved and seen. When we provide this community, church becomes so much more than something we do one day a week. It becomes a way to learn how to have a relationship with Jesus through age-appropriate environments.

We also want to engage every parent to have a positive influence in the spiritual development of their kids. We equip parents through resources and classes designed specifically to take the guess-work out of discipling their children.

Kids on Sundays

Church is not just for adults. Our Sunday experiences are where kids learn how to have a relationship with Jesus through age-appropriate environments from 6 weeks to 5th grade. On Sundays, our kids participate in worship, small groups, and bible lessons designed specifically for them. Join us either in-person or view our experiences online.
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devotionals and resources

Kids during the week

We want to equip parents through resources and classes that are designed specifically to take the guess-work out of discipling their children. We have age specific devotionals that are available weekly to help parents lead and develop their kids during the week. We also have a variety of resources for parents that are updated monthly to help guide your parenting journey.
Parenting intensive group & Child Dedication

Partnering with parents

We want help you confidently raise your kids to know God. We have a group intensive called “Parenting through the Phases” that is designed to do just that. Whether parenting a toddler or a teenager, this group can help you take your next step in your parenting journey.

Three times a year, we have an event we call Child Dedication specifically for families with children under the age of 2. Child Dedication is an opportunity for parents/guardians, to commit to raising their child in in Christ in community with other believers.
creating moments

Kids in transition

Transitions are such an important time in a kid’s life. We have designed specific environments and events to help parents and kids through these exciting times.

Kindergarten Transition

We have a Kindergarten room specifically designed to help our kindergarteners transition into our Elementary ministry. For the first part of the year, our Kindergarteners are in the preschool environment. In January, our Kindergartners will move to the Elementary ministry full-time, and they will make this move with their small group leaders to help the transition a little easier.

Preteen Transition

We have a room and curriculum designed specifically for our 4th and 5th graders. Here they take on a little more guided leadership, delve deeper into the bible, and form lasting relationships. As our preteens move into 6th grade, We have small groups designed for preteens and their parents as well as a special dinner and prophecy night to welcome them into the youth group.

Our Kids Environments


Your child is special to us and we want his or her first impression of church to be a positive one as he or she begins to learn about the love of Jesus.


Ages 2-5
In our preschool environments, young hearts and minds begin to lay a foundation of Biblical truths through Bible lessons, music, crafts and free play, all tailored to their age and development.


Kindergarten-5th Grade
In elementary, we focus each month around a concept or virtue that relates to our relationship with God and others. Our goal is to encourage these children to have a relationship with God that reflects his character to the world.


Special Needs
Kids Unlimited is a special ministry that ministers to the unique needs of your child. If your child needs special accommodations, we are ready to partner with you to ensure that your whole family is able to fully participate and contribute in church.

Kim Crawford

Definition Kids Director

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