Our future rests on the next generation.
Today’s youth have the opportunity and potential to influence the world for Christ—so we have a passion to see students changed by the love of God, grow in their relationship with Jesus, and live it every day.
How to get involved in Youth.

Definition Youth, the youth ministry and youth group of Definition Church, welcomes students from Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, and Summerfield areas. Engage with us as we journey together in faith, community, and service.

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Youth on Wednesdays

You can arrive at 7:00pm any Wednesday and know that you’re in the right spot! On these nights you’ll experience: games/hangs, powerful worship, an encouraging and challenging message, and community in small group discussion!

On Sundays

Join our youth ministry every Sunday, serving in kids ministry at 9:30am and attending the 11:15am service together; find us marked by "youth up front" signs during the second service.

During the Summer

Join our summer internship, 2:52, inspired by Luke 2:52, aimed at nurturing teens to grow like Jesus did in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man

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In Transition

Navigating transitions in youth ministry can be daunting, but we're here to make it seamless and exciting with tailored events like rising 6th grade small groups/retreats, senior graduation celebrations, and parenting intensives

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We use the definition youth app

Meeting youth where they are.

Our app serves as a hub for group communication, event updates, daily devotional journals, and prayer requests, fostering community and spiritual growth. By leveraging this platform, we ensure seamless engagement with students, meeting them right where they are in their digital lives,

Daily Devotional Journals
Prayer Requests
Safe & Secure Community
Account Approval
All accounts undergo approval before use, ensuring a secure and vetted user base.
Blocking Functionality
Users have the ability to block any account to control their interactions and maintain personal boundaries.
Age-Restricted Messaging
For users under 13, direct messaging is restricted unless they've accepted the contact as a friend, prioritizing safety for younger members.
AI Chat Filter
Integrated AI chat filters in all text fields enhance safety by proactively detecting and preventing inappropriate conversations, fostering a positive and secure environment for all users.

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Parker Jones
Executive Pastor - Next Gen

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Where do the Youth serve on Sunday?

Youth actively serve in the kids ministry during the 9:30am service, engaging in various activities and programs tailored for children.

Where do the youth meet during Sunday experiences?

Youth gather together for the 11:15am service, marked by "youth up front" signs in the front right of the auditorium during the second service, fostering a sense of community and togetherness in worship.

What is 252 during the summer?

The "252" program at Definition Youth is a mentorship initiative inspired by Luke 2:52, focusing on developing high school students into effective leaders while guiding middle school students on the same journey. Through teachings from leadership experts like John Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni, participants learn conflict resolution, team leadership, and other essential skills. Additionally, high schoolers mentor middle school peers, engage in community service, internships, and outreach projects, fostering positive behaviors and deeper relationships. Ultimately, the program aims to equip every student with leadership skills, holistic wellness, and a strong sense of community, preparing them for success in academics, relationships, and life.

252 registration opens in the spring of 2024

How does Youth help kids in rising grades and transition?

Definition Youth facilitates seamless transitions for students entering new grade levels through tailored events such as rising 6th grade small groups/retreats, senior graduation celebrations, and parenting intensives, ensuring support and guidance during significant transitions.

Where do I download the Definition Youth App?

You can download the Definition Youth App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply search for "Definition Youth" and follow the prompts to install the app on your device, enabling access to group communication, event updates, daily devotional journals, and prayer requests.

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