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The Residency Program Exists To Empower the Next Generation of Ministry Leaders Through Full-Time Apprenticeship and Hands On Experience.

The Definition Residency Program is designed to empower, train, and develop the next generation of ministry leaders. This program is a full-time, two year long experience where emerging leaders will be given the tools and experience necessary to be effective, healthy, mission-minded leaders for the future church and world. 

The residency program is built on three foundational practices

1. Ministry Experience 

Experience is one of the best teachers. Resident’s work full-time, 40 hour work weeks alongside Definition Church staff where they are given real-life ministry responsibilities. Resident’s ministry is focused on the college campus - an environment that in many ways represents the future culture that they will be responsible for reaching. Resident’s will be assigned to a college campus where they will develop ministry, outreach to students, and lead teams. They will gain valuable ministry experience while making a lasting impact. 

2. Mentorship 

Resident’s will be connected to a mentor who will, through weekly meetings, offer them feedback and insight throughout their time in the program. The mentor relationship is a key part of the resident’s growth and provides a setting where the resident can be encouraged, challenged, and discipled. 

3. Ministry Training 

Resident’s will take part in weekly trainings and classes taught in partnership with the Cultivate Leadership Institute. These classes are designed to help resident’s grow in their leadership ability as they experience the challenges of ministry in real life.

This program is designed for highly committed, self-starting individuals who:

  • Have a desire to work in full-time vocational ministry 
  • Want to invest an entire season of their life into reaching the college campus
  • Want to gain full time, hands-on ministry experience within the local church
  • Want to learn to use their gifts in the context of vocational ministry
  • Have a desire to be mentored and a hunger to grow in their ministry leadership skills

Residents will:

  • Be very involved in evangelism and discipleship on local college campuses 
  • Oversee and develop small group ministry on local college campuses
  • Attend weekly leadership training classes that are taught in partnership with the Cultivate Leadership Institute 
  • Oversee student leadership development on local college campuses
  • Receive hands-on training and feedback from Definition Church staff mentors 
  • Take part in Definition Staff meetings and culture

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long is the Residency Program? 

The residency program is two years long, and residents can either start in July or January of each year.

What will my source of income be during the Residency Program? 

All residents are fully support-funded. This means that residents are responsible for raising their own salary. But don’t panic- we are partnered with an organization that trains, coaches, and manages residents throughout the entire fundraising process. This empowers residents with everything they need to fundraise and serves as a great learning experience for future ministry endeavors. 

When/where do I apply? 

The application window for those wishing to start the program in July is September 1-January 1. The application window for those wishing to start the program in January is May 1- July 15. Click the button below to start the application process.

Will I get a job at Definition after the program? 

We cannot promise that you will get a job at Definition after completing the residency program. However, we will do everything we can to help you take your next best step. 

I don’t attend Definition. Can I do the program? 

Yes! This program is not exclusive to Definition Church members. However, if you are accepted you will be expected to become a member at Definition Church. 

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Chris Carson

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