Our Pastor

Dr. Allen Holmes

"My greatest desire is that the people of Greensboro go beyond religion & experience an authentic, transforming relationship with Christ."

Dr. Allen Holmes
As a sophomore in college, Allen realized God was calling him into full-time ministry. Allen and Tina originally moved to Greensboro in October of 2000 to begin pastoring Definition Church. During their time there, they have openly shared their redemption story and inspired thousands to enter into a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Meanwhile, Definition Church has grown from just 35 people to several thousand.
Pastor Allen’s teaching, born out of an encounter with Christ, is life-changing and inspires people every week to trust Jesus for salvation and apply the Bible to every area of life. His passion to walk with people in their journey toward Christ has created an environment where anyone—no matter who they are, where they are in life, or what they’ve been through—can belong.
A Wilmington, NC native, Pastor Allen is a graduate of UNCW, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he received his Doctorate of Ministry degree in Leadership and Organizational Development in 2011. He and his wife Tina reside in the Greensboro area with their three children: Luke, Abby, and Isabella.

Allen’s first book was released in October 2021. Through many ups and downs and a marriage crisis, God has used Allen’s story and his message to produce hope and a redemptive path for all who are willing to take the journey with Christ.

Daily Defining Moments

Daily Defining Moments podcast helps us to take a moment in our day to be centered on the Word of God and let Him define who we are and the way we should live. In these daily devotionals, Pastor Allen Holmes walks us through a portion of scripture from the One Year Bible for that day and shares a word of encouragement to help us begin our day with Jesus and build our faith.

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