We're excited that you're considering baptism!

Baptism is a significant part of your faith journey. Our team is here to support you throughout this process, from understanding the meaning of baptism to guiding you through the steps. Your decision to take this step is inspiring, and we're here to walk alongside you as you move forward.

Steps to being baptized

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How to register: Before registering to be baptized, it is required that you watch the following video to gain a deeper understanding of the significance and meaning of baptism and review our statement of faith.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I be baptized?

Baptism holds great significance and is supported by biblical commands (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 2:37-41, 22:16). It is a way to obey Christ's commands, publicly affirm our personal relationship with Him, and follow His example. Baptism is not only a responsibility but also a privilege, allowing us to demonstrate trust and love for our King while encouraging others in their faith journey. It is important to invite people to witness our baptism, recognizing the impact it can have on their lives. The desire to be baptized should stem from a genuine desire to glorify God through faithful obedience rather than other motivations. For more information, please watch the video above.

Who should be baptized?

Believer's baptism by immersion is practiced at Definition, specifically for those who believe and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Non-believers were not traditionally baptized, according to biblical evidence. While other denominations practice infant baptism, Definition does not. Your baptism is valid if you were sprinkled or immersed at a young age after trusting in Christ. However, if you were baptized before truly trusting in Christ, it is important to be baptized now. The decision to be baptized should stem from a desire to obey Christ's commands, follow His example, and experience His grace. If you have decided to follow Jesus and have not been baptized since it is time to be baptized at Definition. We are excited for your journey and the work God will do in and through you. For more information, please watch the video above.

How am I to be baptized?

Baptism is to be done through immersion in water, just as Jesus was baptized. In Matthew 3:16, it is mentioned that Jesus went up out of the water after His baptism. This mode of baptism is consistent with all the recorded baptisms in the Bible. Acts 8:38-39 describes Philip and the man going down into the water for baptism, coming up out of the water afterward. The very word "baptize" means to dip under water, as the Greek word "baptizo" suggests. Immersion best represents the symbolic act of Jesus' burial and resurrection. Notable Christian figures like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Wesley have also affirmed the practice of immersion baptism. Their views align with the understanding that baptism should involve complete immersion, akin to the ancient practices of the early church.

Can my child be baptized?

At Definition, we typically wait until elementary school age for children to be baptized. This allows us to ensure that they understand the significance of baptism and what it represents. Before proceeding with baptism, we kindly ask parents to go through the "Say What" book with their child. This resource will help both parents and children grasp the meaning of baptism and ensure that the child is ready to take this important step in their faith journey. We believe it's important for children to have a solid understanding before they make a personal decision to be baptized.

Can my infant be baptized?

At Definition, we believe baptism is a significant public expression of worship, symbolizing the new life we experience when we follow Jesus. While some churches practice "baptism of confirmation" for children, which is a commitment made by parents on behalf of their child, we adhere to the biblical examples of new believers being baptized to publicly profess their faith in Jesus. We also offer child dedication opportunities for parents who wish to dedicate their children to the Lord. Learn more about Parent/Child Dedication.

I have already been baptized. Should I be baptized again?

If you have already been baptized, it is important to consider the circumstances surrounding your previous baptism. If you were sprinkled or immersed at an earlier age and you had made a personal decision to trust in Christ and follow Him, your baptism is valid and does not need to be repeated. However, if you were baptized before truly trusting in Christ and making a decision to follow Him, or if your baptism did not align with the biblical model of immersion in water, it may be appropriate to pursue baptism again. The key question to ask yourself is whether you were genuinely trusting in Christ when you were baptized.

As believers, our journey with Christ involves seasons of growth and deepening maturity. Baptism is not meant to be repeated each time we experience greater joy or sanctification, but rather as an initial act of obedience and identification with Christ. However, if you believe that your original experience of baptism occurred before truly trusting in Christ as your Lord and Savior, it is important to pursue obedience in this area by being baptized again. If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding your previous baptism, we encourage you to contact us for further support and clarity.

What should I wear to be baptized?

When it comes to what to wear for your baptism, we recommend wearing the clothes in which you'll be baptized. It is suggested to wear dark clothes, such as long shorts or leggings, and it's also acceptable to wear a swimsuit underneath your clothing. Please avoid wearing short shorts or light color shirts, as we want to ensure modesty and respect for this significant moment.

We recommend bringing an extra outfit to change into after getting baptized. Once you check-in, our team will guide you to a secure location where you can store your dry clothes and other belongings throughout the baptism service. Additionally, you will receive a towel to use while inside the building, and it may be helpful to bring an extra towel for your journey home.

As part of this special occasion, you will receive a special baptism t-shirt to wear during the baptism itself. Our team will provide you with all the necessary instructions and guidance to make your baptism experience meaningful and memorable. If you have any specific questions or concerns about attire, please feel free to contact our team beforehand for further assistance.