Doing what Jesus did.

Our greatest sense of fulfillment comes from serving and loving others.

The way you live your life can make a tremendous impact on the people around you. We are all made for sharing and showing God’s love to our city and the world, and we want to help you discover how God wants to do that through you.
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How to Serve

Complete the Serve Form

Fill out a brief form to share with us your area of interest for serving.

Attend Serve Orientation

Choose a team, learn about serving expectations through a video, tour the building, and shadow a team to see if it's the right fit during serve orientation.

Join a Team

After orientation, you can join your selected team to start serving.

Explore the Teams

God made each of us unique, with different talents and passions. At Definition Church, we value this diversity and want to help you find a serve team where your unique abilities can shine. Let’s work together to find where you fit best in serving.

Guest Experience

The Guest Experience Team ensures a welcoming experience for all visitors, covering roles such as host team, parking team, and ushers. By joining, you help create a friendly and organized environment, making every guest feel valued from the moment they arrive.

Definition Kids

Background Check Required

The Kids Serve Team focuses on caring for children from nursery to elementary age, including those with special needs, by providing safe and engaging learning experiences about Jesus. Join us to make a positive difference in the early faith journey of our youngest members.

Worship and Production

Audition Required for Worship

The Worship and Production Team brings experiences to life through music and technical excellence, including areas such as musicians, vocalists, camera operators, sound engineers, and CG operators. By joining this team, you contribute to creating an immersive worship experience and delivering the message of God in a powerful and impactful way.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team focuses on intercessory and altar prayers, providing essential prayer support for our community and individuals during experiences. Joining this team means committing to pray for others' needs and offering prayer support to attendees who seek it after the sermon.

Women’s Prison Ministry

The Women's Prison Ministry team brings our church service to the Women's Caswell Correctional Facility every week, offering an experience of hope and community to those inside. By joining, you're part of extending our church's reach, providing support, and sharing God's love with women in the correctional system through weekly experiences.

It’s time to get started!

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Looking for other serving opportunities?

Serve on a Mission Trip

Sign up for a mission trip to impact communities worldwide. View trips currently available.

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Serve at the Community Market

Help out at our Community Market by signing up to assist with local outreach.

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Find Out More About Us

View our Serve Partners

Discover how we extend our mission beyond the church walls. Get involved with our Serve Partners, actively bringing hope and support to our wider community.

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View our Culture Guide

Learn about the heart and soul of our community. Our Culture Guide outlines the values and beliefs that drive us and shape how we engage with the world.

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Contact a Staff Member

Have questions or need guidance? We're here to support your journey and help you find your place in our church family.

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Are prerequisites needed to serve on any team?

For the Guest Experience and Intercessory Prayer teams, complete Serve Team Orientation. To join the Altar Team, you must first join a Freedom care group, attend the related conference, and serve at the altar during another Freedom Conference. For our Worship ministry, an audition is required.

Am I required to stay on the same team once I start serving?

You're not committed to a single team forever. If you're interested in switching teams or changing the service time you're involved in, please discuss this with your team leader.

Can I serve on more than one team or in different roles?

You're welcome to serve in multiple capacities; however, we want to ensure it doesn't lead to being overwhelmed or hinder full participation in each role.

What are the serving expectations for team members?

Members of the Guest Experience or Prayer teams should commit to serving during one service and attending another each week. While serving weekly is encouraged for the best experience and team cohesion, it's not mandatory.

What should I do if I want to join a serve team?

Start by filling out the Serving at Definition form and attending a Serve Team Orientation session.

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