Becoming like Jesus together.

We were designed for relationship and connection.

It is never God’s plan for us to feel isolated and alone. Do you have a place where you can be truly honest about what’s going on in your life and in your heart? Helping create the environment where you can find this type of meaningful connection is the heartbeat behind groups at Definition Church.

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There are two types of groups

Community Groups

Weekly or Bi-weekly

These groups focus on building a consistent, intentional, real connection. They incorporate meals, discussion, and spiritual practices to help foster long-term, meaningful relationships. Community groups meet weekly or bi-weekly and spend time discussing questions from what our church is learning in the weekend experience as well as the spiritual practice of the month. Our prayer is for everyone to find a community group to connect with.

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Curriculum Based

These short-term groups focus on empowering and equipping you in a specific area, on a specific topic, or during a specific season of life. For example, intensives include things like Parenting, Marriage, Freedom, and Mentoring. Intensives are groups with a defined beginning and end, a specific curriculum, and are led by trained staff or volunteers. Several intensives also culminate with a retreat or conference.

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Let's do life together

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In Core we'll talk about things like spiritual practices and how you are uniquely designed to connect with God, how life change really happens, and how we can find meaning and purpose in a life that's bigger than ourselves.
In-Person // Every Sunday at 10:30am and 12:15pm
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