Host a Chosen Watch Party


How to host a Chosen watch party:

  1. Find a watch party buddy! Pair up with a person or couple to help host the party. This makes it more fun, lightens your work load, and ensures someone is available each week, for 8 weeks, to host.
  2. Pick a time and Place. Pick a house that is conveniently located, with a parking plan, a big screen TV, and enough seating. The Chosen series can be streamed on most streaming services.
  3. Invite your friends. Invite 4-12 people to join your watch party. Make a personal, conversational invitation. You are looking for people you have influence with who do not attend church.
  4. Provide a simple refreshment. Coffee, water, soda, cookies or popcorn are sufficient.
  5. Play one episode each week and watch together.
  6. Ask these questions.
  1. What did you learn about Jesus?
  2. How does Jesus relate to people?
  3. What does Jesus help us learn about God?
  4. What is God saying to me?
  1. Offer a soft invite to church. “If you want to hear more, this Sunday Pastor Allen will preach on episode one. If you would like to go, let me know so we can sit together.” A simple, low pressure invitation.
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