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Vision Offering 2022

The world around us is constantly changing and full of uncertainty, but one thing always remains: Jesus is the hope of the world. This truth remains the foundation of Definition Church since it began over twenty years ago. Through the years we have seen the faithfulness of God show up in so many ways: through thousands of salvations, our church’s financial contribution to global missions, the expansion of our serve center, powerful youth experiences, hundreds of baptisms, life-changing groups, and so much more. We have each benefited from the investment of others over the last twenty years, and now it is our turn to invest into the next generation.

This is what our Vision Offering is all about. It’s once-a-year offering where we come together to give over and above our tithes to make a difference in people’s lives and fuel our church’s vision to bring His healing and hope to the world around us.

This year’s Vision Offering is Sunday, December 11th. Our goal is not for a certain amount to be given but for everyone to participate in some way. It’s not about equal giving but equal sacrifice. No matter the amount, we can play a crucial part in building the vision of our church. Everyone matters. Everything counts. Leading up to the Vision Offering, prayerfully consider how God is leading you to partner with us in bringing forth His vision for our church, our community and the world around us.

How to participate

  1. Simply ask God, “What should I give?” Trust that the Holy Spirit will speak to you.
  2. Bring your offering Sunday, December 11th to give in the service or give online to the Vision fund.

Join us in praying for practical needs we have as a church:

  • Renovated roof for 1806 Building
  • Walk-In refrigerator for the Serve Center and Market

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