We are now
Definition Church.

Learn About Us
View the service below to hear our lead pastor explain the heart and mission behind changing our name from Daystar to Definition Church.
Video Notes

We changed our name because we believe God has called us to:

Expand our vision

When God wants to expand a person’s vision, He changes their name.

Build our faith

When God wants to build a person’s faith, He changes their name.

Increase our influence

When God wants to elevate a person’s status or influence, He changes their name.

Clarify our mission

When God wants to clarify a person’s mission, He changes their name

We choose definition because we believe:


God wants the church to point the way.

Jesus defines the way to salvation.

God wants the church to share the truth.

Jesus is our definition of morality.

God wants the church to be life.

We believe Jesus should define what it means to follow Him.

God wants everyone to experience redemption.

God wants to define our future.